Roof Installation

How to Spot Poor Roof Installation

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If you decided to have a commercial roof installed, it’s important that you monitor the construction. However, this is impossible to do most of the time so you should put into consideration hiring an anchorage roofing company that it reliable because repairs and replacements in the future due to poor installation could be too costly.  

Roof Installation

Importance of Inspection  

Your roofing should be inspected at least once or twice a year. A yearly inspection will help you identify the areas which have problems and identify the solutions you can do before the issues become big. The more frequent the inspection is, the more minor problems could be identified in advance.  

After the contractor has done their job, you can spot the poor workmanship in the installed roof yourself. These are the things you can look at to identify if the installation was done poorly.  

  • The contractor failed to clean, dry and prim the area before he applied the adhesives. This will lead to early aging of the roof and more chances of roof leakage.  
  • When metal shingles are installed, every shingle and bold should be properly pushed-in. There are cases that the nails are positioned too high or too low on the shingles or the bolts are driven on the shingles. In the long run, it will make the shingles unstable.  
  • The installer should make sure that the grooves match perfectly if your roof is metal with raised joints. You can spot if it’s poorly done when there’s a leak. The leak can damage and weaken the structure and other elements of the roof.  
  • The underlayment should be installed under the roofing, it is waterproofing underlayment and either ice and water underlayment. Black tar paper is also used on some types of roof installations. The important point is; underlayment should be installed in the critical areas. The critical areas are where there’s a great chance of water to enter the structure. It includes the valleys, roof edges, eaves, flashing, vents, chimneys and skylights. You will find out if the contractor slips-up on this process when you see leakage no matter how good the materials are.  
  • If you want to install a new roof, be mindful that it should never be installed over existing shingles. Pay close attention if the roofer says he’s going to install the new roof over the shingles. Why is it a big no-no? It’s not easy to inspect the state of the roof including the deck and underlayment and it’s not also possible to verify its condition without removing the shingles. So it’s important to remove the shingles in order to know the things mentioned.  
  • You can also spot a poor job if the plywood deck is not fastened securely o the rafter-framing. Water enters through the tiny holes so small details should be paid attention to.  

Can you avoid all these problems? Certainly yes! It takes a step-by-step process to hire the best roofing contractor, so I suggest that you should do that.  

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