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Why Choose Screen Printing?

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While the history of screen process is seemingly interesting for other people, for some who are thinking of making their own personalized or customized clothing, the most important piece is why screen printing is considered as a really good technique to use. Below, you will be able to learn some of the many reasons why you should consider screen printing. 

 Screen Printing

Quality of Print

One of the most important features of screen printing process is that that it can be utilized in order to create designs of extremely high quality. In addition to that, the technique also allows for high vibrant colors of much higher color accuracy, which means that it is considered as a great way in order to make your logo simply stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, this quality is also hard to replicate using other printing procedures. For example, other printing techniques like direct to garment method of printing that uses for different types of color ink in dots in order to create a certain image that can produce inferior outcomes. In contract, the screen printing’s quality simply means that intricate details will also appear to be of the highest quality, which even allow images to be clearly printed.  


Screen printing is also a good printing technique because of the fact that it can help provide a durable and long-lasting print on garments. This is due to the fact that the ink’s composition as well as the printing technique itself means that the ink forms a hard-wearing, strong bond to the garment’s material. In addition to that, this also means that the printed design can also be able to retain a high-quality print despite wear and tear and washes. This is actually a very good option for businesses who simply want their own logo to completely stand out among the rest for a long period of time and in a cost-effective way.  


While the most popular clothing that you can print on are T-shirts, screen printing is actually versatile that you can even use this technique on printing on a flip flop. As a matter of fact, one of the most desirable aspects of using the screen printing technique is the mere fact that it can allow you to print on almost anything that you like. Metal, cotton, plastic, wood, glass, or even 3D products, the screen printing technique can be effectively and efficiently used for all of these. For sure, it does not really matter if it is a white cap you want a logo printed or a black T-Shirt, screen printing can definitely be able to achieve a much higher quality results on a wide variety of things and materials of different sizes and shapes. 

Cost Effectiveness

For small and single orders, screen printing in Portland can actually be a bit costly compared to other printing techniques because of the fact that it can involve a lot of preparation. However, for business wishing to screen print in bulk, this method of printing can really be the best option. 

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